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Markets, Know-how, Technology

GEO-T Expo: Trend-Setting Energy

Trend-Setting Energy

GEO-T Expo: Meeting place Geothermal Energy

Meeting place Geothermal Energy

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Eco-friendly, Everlasting, Efficient

GEO-T Expo: Energy for Cooling, Heating, Power

Energy for Cooling, Heating, Power

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Welcome to the Geothermal Energy Business

GEO-T Expo 2014, which is to be held between November 11 and13, is the place to benefit at the right time from the boom in geothermal energy. Here you can meet decision-makers, customers, business partners from around the world. The wide range of exhibitors – covering all aspects from exploration, through drilling equipment, pipes, compressors or thermal heat pumps, to systems engineering and power station technology - is highly attractive to the relevant professional circles.

The best argument in favour of being present at the event: GEO-T Expo had a brilliant premiere in 2013. 120 exhibitors from 16 countries. More than 1,100 professional visitors, over 80% of whom were from the much sought-after target groups of manufacturing, R&D and engineering offices. 92% of the exhibitors rated the combination of the exhibition and the Geothermal Congress of the German Geothermal Energy Association (GtV) as very successful. 80 per cent want to exhibit again in 2014. The trend is underway – and you can be right at the forefront!